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Performance @ Tiyatro Medresesi, Izmir, Turkey
Artist in Residence at the ButohLantern Programme


Continuing my research into becoming METASPECIES, this time exploring the bird world in confinement, metamorphing into BIRD & Simurgh.

Themes of the troubled multi species world, bird in captivity, species in lockdown, dreaming of wilderness, cage madness…

Drawing from Butoh methods, leaning into liquid intelligence of the body and its INNER DANCE, accessing its memory of perpetually morphing and enfolding organisms/critters.“ Beings of the earth both ancient and up-to-the-minute. They belong to no one; they writhe and luxuriate in manyfold forms and manyfold names in all the airs, waters, and places of earth. (Donna Haraway, Staying with the Trouble)”

Exploring, learning,  REACTIVATING via animal and spirit kingdoms..

“If imitation goes too far it can become metamorphic: something that modifies the substance of the being. Sometimes irreversibly.”
(Roberto Calasso, Celestial Hunter)

Photography by Ozerk Sonat Pami