Butoh Performance @ Studio Tiyatro Medresesi, Izmir, Turkey


“Against the insistent poisoned passion of dismembering and demystifying….
What the witches challenge us to accept is the possibility of giving up criteria that claim to transcend assemblages, and that reinforce, again and again, the epic of critical reason. What they cultivate, as part of their craft (it is a part of any craft), is an art of immanent attention, an empirical art about what is good or toxic—an art which our addiction to the truth has too often despised as superstition. They are pragmatic, radically pragmatic, experimenting with effects and consequences of what, as they know, is never innocuous and involves care, protections, and experience.

The witches’ ritual chant—“She changes everything She touches, and everything She touches changes”— could surely be commented on in terms of assemblages, since it resists the dismembering attribution of agency. Does change belong to the Goddess as “agent” or to the one who changes when touched?”
(Isabelle Stangers, Reclaiming Animism, https://www.e-flux.com/)

«Микро Восстание» Соло/10мин.
Она выходит из котла безлицева хаоса. Бесформенный суп густеет и гремит от отбросов всевозможных перевоплощений ее плоти и духа: стихии, всякие твари и пряности вылезают из ее танца и тащат пространство алхимической кухни обратно в кипящую воду. Ее варят в котле вместе с ее обломками, тряпками, лохмотьями памяти, в то время как она взерцает бездонный мираж своего отражения.Сценография/постановка: Анна Кушнерова Музыка/звук: Алика, Мамэр

(transl. She emerges from the cauldron of faceless chaos. The shapeless soup thickens and thunders from the waste of all kinds of reincarnations of her flesh and spirit: the elements, all sorts of creatures and spices crawl out of her dance and drag the space of the alchemical kitchen back into boiling water. She is boiled in a cauldron along with her debris, rags, rags of memory, while she gazes at the bottomless mirage of her reflection.)