Performance @ Osobnyak Theater, St Petersburg, Russia

Notes from then: “moments of joy: carving a bathing suit from pink lycra in a taxi, shaking along the icy roads of St. Petersburg, on the way to the Mansion for a performance, -20 degrees outside ...And already in the dance: a piece of song breaks out of the trachea and a rolling grapefruit becomes a member of magic ...”

Hosted by OddDance Theater in St Petersburg. 
Intentionally i entered the stage at blank canvas, in extreme vulnerability, with minimum premonition - testing the limits of improvasation, free play within frames of given stage time. Manifestation - my own kind of ritual system/ context driven, excorsicm of the patriarchical. 

Mood: sabotage and fun - fun, in terms of the “Fun that happens when the energy released by an action is more than anxiety, fear, or effort spent either on making the action or overcoming the obsticles inhibiting it” R. Schechner.