Performance, 30min @ Spazio500, Palazzo Malfatti, Italy  
Anna Kushnerova, Sofia Kovarich, Julie Becton Gillum, Alexandra Jane Wynne,
Tejus Menon 
Costumes by Anna Kushnerova  

Bringing into kinship humans, nature, and cosmos, we danced mycelia celebrating their vitality in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Before the dance we built our fruiting bodies out of mycelia leathers, adorning our second skins with masses of branching, thread-like hyphae sculpted out of woven fabric strips pre-dipped into melted wax.

We danced Hosting ecological memories, as well as memories of other species: memories of germinating nuns; fungal harlequins reabsorbing water droplets; slowly diffusing algae; bees carrying nectar through avenues of branching time…

We danced Human desire to return to the source of life itself, longing to integrate with the earth.

From chaos into formations, into spore puffs, evoking decay, decomposition, nutrition,

Our colonies travelled through the micro- and macrocosm of a living entity in constant flux.