Performance (30min), Mexico City

Sound -- anastasia freygang @ragamash_sandybaum
Space -- @danielsannwald
Footage -- @elise_gettliffe

Venus rises on the day as the morning star

Serpents become pregnant

with the Blood Moon

Then with the Blue Moon

Moist tail is consumed

Body transformed into divine rod

Thirsty for the Lake

Within the twenty-four hours of the day, some time must be definitely dedicated to the Divine...

While journeying in Mexico : collected feelings, visions in the temoscal, studies: anthropological and of street; and voices of volcanoes, and anima of water.. + always the presence of impermanent nature of my flesh…all composed into this 30min improvisation dance. i gifted it to the this new-to-me land and its people. I called it Pavillion of Opacity and performed it to an intimate gaze of audience hosted at Daniel Sannwald’s home in central Mexico City. The sound and song was sent to me by Anastasia Freygang with the underlayer of sounds sampled on the road: in markets, on rivers, under the trees… and what i wear came about out of cables found on street and rattles wrapped in snake skins to facilitate the invocation of the Plumed Serpent.