WITH INFINITE                                                 TENDERNESS



Anna weaves worlds with performance, installation, sculpture, moving image, and sound.

In her practice, she seeks a deeper, enchanted experience of being-in the world. Drawing from Butoh methods, she often explores ‘becoming’ animal, plant, spirit by leaning into liquid intelligence of the body and its inner multidimensional Dance, accessing its memory of perpetually morphing, evolving and enfolding organisms, the Dreaming of sentient matter.   

Her Performances explore instinctual response, play and ceremony. 

The body(s) become vessel for magic and prayer. 

Having learnt ceramics and textile, Anna often works with costumes and sculpture as body augmentations, metamorphic limbs, masks and set like installations.

Her ongoing interest in indigenous rituals, and life in the forests often lead to encounters with the elemental matrix (earth, water, wood) where the body can actively participate in the Unfolding. Body, as complex amplifier of sensation then becomes both a catalyst for change and the dative for movement and meaning. The landscape is often a gateway, an entrance into the perceptual field that holds her Gently Violent Metaspecie Being.

She has been interested in the discovery of deeper body artist, transformation through somatic poetry and aesthetic experience as liminal experience. Collaborating with artists from diverse disciplines has given her a broad approach to her movement practice. Developing her Butoh, dance and video work Anna has been directing group choreography with cross-discipline performances and working as somatic educator in Devon, UK. 

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Ontological Mutiny, Performance by Human Clay Collective, Official Selection, Starptepla, Riga Performance Festival, Latvia

Ice Cure, Performed at Ashburton Art Center Studio, Devon, Uk


Pavilion of  Opacity, Performed at Daniel Sannwald Space, La Condesa, Mexico City, Mexico

Alliances Inside and Outside These Rooms, Performed at Spazio500, Palazzo Malfatti, Vigolo Vattaro, Italy

Butterfly, Performed at Go Wherever You Wish For Verily You Are Well Protected, Group Show, Dartington Hall Estate, UK

Sculptural Installation, Go Wherever You Wish For Verily You Are Well Protected, Group Show, Dartington Hall Estate, UK

Host/Curator, Go Wherever You Wish For Verily You Are Well Protected, Group Show, Dartington Hall Estate, UK


Sweet Rivers, Green Mosses, Film Screening/Lecture,  Reclaiming Romanticism, Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Belgium

Totipotency, Video Screening, International Forum of Performance Art, Drama, Greece

Mycelia Memories, Performed at Spazio500, Palazzo Malfatti, Vigolo Vattaro, Italy  

Grimspound, Performed at the Sentient Performativities, Thinking Alongside the Human Symposium b y Art.earth, Dartington Estate, Devon, UK  

Grimspound, Performed at the PERFORATIONS: Bodies and Beyond, Movement Network South West performance platform, Studio1, Devon, UK  

Costumes and Performance, THE GENE, Video 360, Cameye Studios, director Ana De Matos, UK

Spanda, Curator/ Artists, Series of Performances and Laboratories, at Fivizzano27, Rome, Italy

My Boundaries are Made out of Sugar and Ions, (Solo) Performed at the Municipal Art Gallery, Larnaca Art Biennale, Republic of Cyprus 

Girls in Mud, Video Screening, Larnaca Art Biennale, Republic of Cyprus 

Performance on Soft Beach, Performed at Hackney Marshes, London, UK

Groaning for the Absent Ant Greatness, (Solo) Performed at Tiyatro Medresesi, Izmir, Turkey

Micro Rebellion,  (Solo) Performed at Tiyatro Medresesi, Izmir, Turkey

Heron’s Blues, (Solo) Performed at Tiyatro Medresesi, Izmir, Turkey

Girls in Mud, Video, International Forum of Performance Art, Drama, Greece 

Ice Ma, Performed at Dartington Woods, Devon, UK

Excessively Wild Mataspecies, (Solo) Performed at Soma Space, Lviv, Ukraine

Public Performance with Adam Koan, Plymouth, Devon, UK

Vocal Performance, Improvisation with Adam Koan and Roger Hall, Dartington Woods, Devon, UK 

Wonderful Weekend, Video Awardwinner, Virgin Spring CINEFEST, International Film Festival, Kolkata, India 

Monomaniacal About Your Own Moment of Being, Video, REALLY//REAL, Fringe Arts Bath, UK 


Curator/Artist at Aller Park Studios, Dartington Estate, UK  

Girls In Mud, Video, International Short Film Festival, Regensburg, Germany

Autumn, Devotion, a Lively Encounter, Performance/JamTable Dance, Antwerp, Belgium. Performance with Romain Brau

Paradise Found, Performed at Klosterruine, Berlin. Directed and Cooked by Michelle Woods. Performance by Michelle Woods, Elise Gettliffe, Laura Walker, Anna Kushnerova. Produced by TableDance (Antwerpen) & Creamcake (Berlin)

Girls In Mud, Video, Mamu Gallery, MAVF Festival, Budapest  
Girls In Mud, Video, Dual Gallery, MAVF Festival, Budapest

Girls in Mud, Video,  The Grounding Story7th ASLEC-ANZ Biennial Conference, University of New England, Armidale, New Zealand   

Erotic Ecology Series, Video Screening, Table Dance, Antwerp, Belgium

Real Life Fantasies, Performed at West Space, Melbourne, Australia

Cannibalistic Supper, Performed at Foundation Pernod Ricard, Paris, France

The Almanac of the Old Fish, Performed at RA13 Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

Group Show (artist/curator), Time is like that – both point AND duration,
Objective Exhibitions Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium


Curator/Director, RA13 Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium
Curator/Director, RA13 Gallery, Paris, France

The Glass Thrower,  Performed at The Kiosk, Art Basel, Switzerland  

Almond Matter, Installation, Park 5 Group Show, Park Migrating Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

Harp Play, Performed at RA13 Gallery, Paris, France 

Sugar House, Group Show (artist/curator), Arnhem Mode Biennale, Arnhem, The Netherlands

The Love Event 18+, Performed at RA13 Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

Heroes, Performed at RoomsLink, Tokyo, Japan

MFA End of Year Group Show, Royal Art Academy, Antwerp, Belgium


2021    Curator, Spanda Residency, Fivizzano27, Rome, Italy

2021    Artist in Residence, Palazzo Malfatti casa dell’Arte, Spazio.500, Vigolo Vattaro, Italy  

2019    Intimacies with the Inhuman with Nita Little and Kerstin Kussmaul, Research Residency, ImPulsTanz, Vienna, Austria 

2019    Artist in Residence, Himalayan Subbody Butoh Center with Rhizome Lee, Dharamsala, India

2018    Artist in Residence, JOYA:Air (arte + ecologia), Almeria, Spain

2015    Artist in Residence, Shigaraki Culture park, Japan

2014    Artist in Residence, Hector Mavridis Studio, Thessaloniki, Greece

2013    Apprentice, stone sculpture at Athar Jabber Studio, Antwerp, Belgium


2021    [Ongoing] Educator and Facilitator of Body Poetics, Butoh Methods, Movement in Nature, Dartington, UK

2022  Reclaiming Romanticism, Lecture at the University of Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Belgium

2021   Series of Lectures and Workshops on Butoh & Improvisation Methods, Fivizzano27, Rome, Italy 

2019   Contemplations on Water, Liquidscapes, Artdotearth Publication, UK 

2016   Creative Processes & Dreamtime in Aboriginal Culture, Lecture, ESMODE, Tokyo, Japan

2013   Projet pour une Livre, Projet pour un Film, Art Book Publication, in collaboration with Nico Dockx & Helena Siridopoulos, Antwerp, Belgium        

2013   References for the Contemporary, Scalpel Magazine, Foundation Pernod Ricard, Paris, France

2013   Jury Member, RA Award, ITS (International Talent Support) Trieste, Italy
RA Award, Fashion Department, Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp, Belgium

2012  Jury Member, RA Award, La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium

2012  Jury Member, Lichting Awards, Netherlands (Netherland’s seven art academies – Academy of Fine Art/Zuyd University, Willem de Kooning Academy, Utrecht School of the Arts, Royal Academy of Art, Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Artez Academy of Visual Arts and AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute)

2012  Jury Member, RA Award, Polimoda School of Design, Florence, Italy

2011   Jury Member, Hyeres 28th International Festival of Fashion & Photography, Hyeres,  France  


Ongoing Butoh Dance Training (past mentors: Imre Thormann, Atsushi Takenouchi, Yumiko Yoshioka, Minako Seki, Adam Koan, Ozerk Pamir, Julie Becton Gillum, Kea Toneti, Imre Thormann, Ken Mai, Tebby Romasike, Yuko Kaseki)
Research Space: Psyche, a practice of new research with Hagit Yakira, Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, London, UK

Choreography with Materials with Florence Peake,  Siobhan Davies Dance Studios, London, UK

Butoh Dance Training, Himalayan Subbody Butoh Center with Rhizome Lee, Dharamsala, India

MA, Holistic Science, University of Plymouth, UK 

Diploma, Intersection of Science and Spirituality, Schumacher College, UK

Master of Ziran Qigong with Dr Lui Deming, NSW, Australia

MFA, Royal Art Academy, Antwerp, Belgium   
Arts Folio, Central Saint Martins, London, UK

BSc Finance, The London School of Economics and Political Sciences, London, UK